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Government of The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
  1. The Hong Kong SAR Government
  2. Legislative Council
  3. Food and Health Bureau
  4. Information and Technology Bureau
  5. Department of Health
  6. Hospital Authority
  7. Customs & Excise Department
  8. Centre for Health Protection
Drug Policy Legislation
  1. Pharmacy and Poisons Ordinance
  2. Bilingual Laws Information System, Department of Justice
Local and International Associations
  2. The Hong Kong Asthma Society
  3. HK Familylink Mental Health Advocacy Assoication
  4. Society for Community Organization (SOCO)
  5. Tuberous Sclerosis Complex Association of Hong Kong
  6. Hong Kong Patients' Voices
  7. 8765 Diabetes
  8. Hong Kong Alliance of Patients' Organizations Limited
  9. Hong Kong Alliance of Rare Diseases
  10. The Practising Pharmacists Association of Hong Kong
  11. The Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Hong Kong
  12. The Pharmaceutical Society of Hong Kong
  13. The Federation of Medical Societies of Hong Kong
  14. Hong Kong Doctors Union
  15. Hong Kong General Chamber of Pharmacy Limited
  16. World Health Organization
  17. US Food and Drug Administration
  18. The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA)
  19. International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Associations (IFPMA)
  20. The Pharmaceutical Security Institute
  21. Intellectual Property Right Protection Alliance (IPRPA)