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Brand Name
Generic Name
Busulfan  白消安
License Holder
Otsuka Pharmaceutical (H.K.) Ltd
HK Reg No.
First registration year
Forensic Class
Dosage Form
Intravenous Injection
  Pack Size
1's x 10mL
Security Feature
Not Available   Not Available   Not Available   Not Available   Not Available Available
Brand Name
Generic Name
Dosage Form
License Holder
Velcade For Inj 3.5mg Bortezomib Vial JOHNSON & JOHNSON (HK) LTD
Busulfex Busulfan 白消安 Intravenous Injection 6mg/mL Otsuka Pharmaceutical (H.K.) Ltd
Jevtana Cabazitaxel 卡巴他賽 Vial 60mg/1.5ml SANOFI HONG KONG LIMITED
Evoltra Clofarabine 克羅拉濱 Vial 20mg/20ml SANOFI HONG KONG LIMITED
Halaven Eribulin Vial 0.88mg/2ml Eisai (HK) Co. Ltd.
Fludara Fludarabine 氟達拉濱 Tablet 10mg SANOFI HONG KONG LIMITED
Alimta 力比泰 Pemetrexed 培美曲塞 Vial 100mg Eli Lilly Asia Inc

Source: Classified according to the MIMS Database.