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Brand Name
Betagan Ophthalmic Solution  
Generic Name
Levobunolol HCl  Qĥۥլ
License Holder
Allergan Hong Kong Limited
HK Reg No.
First registration year
Forensic Class
Dosage Form
Eye Drop
  Pack Size
Security Feature
Available   Available   Not Available   Available   Not Available Not Available
Brand Name
Generic Name
Dosage Form
License Holder
Lumigan Ophthalmic Solution Bimatoprost  eC Eye Drop 0.0003 Allergan Hong Kong Limited
Lumigan 0.01% Bimatoprost 貝美前列素 Eye Drop 0.01% Allergan Hong Kong Limited
Ganfort Bimatoprost/Timolol Maleate 貝美前列素 / 馬來酸噻嗎洛爾 Eye Drop 0.03% / 0.5% Allergan Hong Kong Limited
Alphagan Ophthalmic Solution Brimonidine Tartrate sۻķͲw Eye Drop 0.002 Allergan Hong Kong Limited
Alphagan P Ophthalmic Solution Brimonidine Tartrate sۻķͲw Eye Drop 0.0015 Allergan Hong Kong Limited
Combigan Brimonidine Tartrate/Timolol Maleate 酒石酸溴莫尼定/馬來酸噻嗎洛爾 Eye Drop 0.2% / 0.5% Allergan Hong Kong Limited
Arteoptic Carteolol hydrochloride 鹽酸卡替洛爾 Eye drop 2% Otsuka Pharmaceutical (H.K.) Ltd
COSOPT  可索達 Dorzalamide hydrochloride / timolol maleate eye drop 2%/0.5% Merck Sharp & Dohme (Asia) Limited
TRUSOPT 漆素得 dorzolamide HCl eye drop 2% Merck Sharp & Dohme (Asia) Limited
Betagan Ophthalmic Solution Levobunolol HCl Qĥۥլ Eye Drop 0.005 Allergan Hong Kong Limited
TIMOPTOL  添慕寧 timolol maleate eye drop 0.50% Merck Sharp & Dohme (Asia) Limited

Source: Classified according to the MIMS Database.