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Brand Name
Generic Name
alendronate sodium / colecalciferol
License Holder
Merck Sharp & Dohme (Asia) Limited
HK Reg No.
First registration year
Forensic Class
Dosage Form
  Pack Size
Security Feature
Available   Not Available   Not Available   Available   Not Available Available
Brand Name
Generic Name
Dosage Form
License Holder
FOSAMAX  福善美 alendronate sodium tablet 10mg Merck Sharp & Dohme (Asia) Limited
FOSAMAX once weekly 每週福善美 alendronate sodium tablet 70mg Merck Sharp & Dohme (Asia) Limited
FOSAMAX PLUS 福善美加 alendronate sodium / colecalciferol tablet 70mg/2800IU Merck Sharp & Dohme (Asia) Limited
FOSAMAX PLUS 福善美加 alendronate sodium / colecalciferol tablet 70mg/5600IU Merck Sharp & Dohme (Asia) Limited
Rocaltrol 羅鈣全 calcitriol Capsule 0.25mcg Roche Hong Kong Limited
Bonefos Disodium clodronate Capsule 400mg Bayer HealthCare Ltd.
Bondronat 邦羅力 ibandronic acid Vial 6mg/ 6ml Roche Hong Kong Limited
Bondronat 邦羅力 ibandronic acid Tablet 50mg Roche Hong Kong Limited
Zemplar Capsule 1mcg 腎骨樂 paricalcitol 帕立骨化醇 capsules 1 mcg AbbVie Limited
Zemplar Inj 5mcg / ml  腎骨樂 paricalcitol 帕立骨化醇 Injection 5 mcg/ml AbbVie Limited
Zemplar Capsule 2mcg 腎骨樂 paricalcitol 帕立骨化醇 capsules 2 mcg AbbVie Limited
Evista 優雅健 Raloxifene  雷洛昔芬 Tablet 60mg Eli Lilly Asia Inc
Forteo 復骨好 Teriparatide Injection 250ug/mL Eli Lilly Asia Inc
Forteo Teriparatide Pre-filled syringe 20?g/80?L Eli Lilly Asia Inc

Source: Classified according to the MIMS Database.