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Brand Name
GlucaGen® HypoKit®   諾和生®
Generic Name
Glucagon  注射用生物合成高血糖素
License Holder
Novo Nordisk Hong Kong Ltd.
HK Reg No.
First registration year
Forensic Class
Dosage Form
Syringe (pre-filled)
1 mg
  Pack Size
1 vial
Security Feature
Available   Available   Not Available   Not Available   Not Available Not Available
Brand Name
Generic Name
Dosage Form
License Holder
Fabrazyme Agalsidase beta β-半乳糖苷酶 Vial 35mg SANOFI HONG KONG LIMITED
Fabrazyme Agalsidase beta β-半乳糖苷酶 Vial 5mg SANOFI HONG KONG LIMITED
Myozyme Alglucosidase alfa 阿葡糖苷酶α Vial 50mg SANOFI HONG KONG LIMITED
Byetta Exenatide Pre-filled pen 5?g per dose Eli Lilly Asia Inc
Byetta Exenatide Pre-filled pen 10?g per dose Eli Lilly Asia Inc
GlucaGen® HypoKit®  諾和生® Glucagon 注射用生物合成高血糖素 Syringe (pre-filled) 1 mg Novo Nordisk Hong Kong Ltd.
Elaprase Idursulfase 艾杜硫酸酯 Vial 6mg/3ml SANOFI HONG KONG LIMITED
Cerezyme Imiglucerase 伊米苷酶 Vial 400IU SANOFI HONG KONG LIMITED

Source: Classified according to the MIMS Database.