HKAPI Bowling Cup 2018
23 teams, over 120 members, gathered together in Whampoa on 2 November 2018 for the HKAPI Bowling Cup 2018. In the 3.5-hour long fun-filled competition, members (and their families) were all busy bowling, feasting and chatting. Are the teams you rooted for among the winners? Let's look at the results...

Champion - MSD
1st Runner-up - Baxter
2nd Runner-up - Sanofi

Champion - Ethan Wong (Boe Ing)
1st Runner-up - Anfernee Chong (MSD)
2nd Runner-up - Alan Ng (Takeda)

Champion - Doris Fung (MSD)
1st Runner-up - May Ng (Merck Pharma)
2nd Runner-up - Rebecca Cheng (Baxter)

Congratulations to all the winners and we'll be back next year!