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The objectives as laid down in the Constitution are as follows:
To promote at all times the efficiency of the pharmaceutical industry to ensure that effective and innovative pharmaceutical products of the highest quality may be readily available for the prevention and treatment of human and animal disease.
To make every endeavor to maintain and enhance the reputation of the industry and its contribution to the public health and welfare and to assist and co-operate with Government, health and other appropriate authorities and bodies on such matters.
To promote continued activity in the development of the trade of the industry with the co-operation and assistance of the Government.
To affiliate or co-operate with any organised bodies or institutions engaged in medicinal or pharmaceutical scientific research and/or having objects similar to those of the Association.
To represent the views of the industry in all matters affecting the interests of members of the Association and/or assist in promoting or opposing legislation affecting the industry.
To inform, advise or familiarize members of the Association, the Government, health authorities and other interested parties on all matters pertaining to the objects of the Association.
To take any lawful action incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects.
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