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CEO Meeting

On the morning of 23 August 2019, 24 CEOs and senior executives representing 18 member companies, attended a CEO Meeting at L’hotel élan, Kwun Tong.
After a warm welcome by the Association President Ms. Kara Cheung, Ms. Anny Lau and Ms. Annette Chiu, Sponsors of the Hospital Authority Efficiency Transformation Taskforce (HAET), briefed on the taskforce’s previous discussions with the Hospital Authority concerning logistics arrangement, such as the implementation of Unique Product Identifier (UPI) at actual sales pack level, as well as members’ better compliance with these requirements.
Mr. Marcus Pollard, Counsel of Linklaters, then took over to explain the background of the HKAPI’s Market Sales Survey reinstatement application, and the options now available for the members moving forward.

After a short break, Ms. Dorine Leung, Sponsor of the Open Access Taskforce, introduced a proposal of consolidating and facilitating communication of members’ Patient Support Programmes (PSPs) to HCPs and NGOs. With an absolute majority, the members voted for the taskforce to proceed with this initiative.

The HKAPI Senior Executive Director Ms. Sabrina Chan then walked the members through the Association’s major advocacy positions for the upcoming 2019 Policy Address. These include enhancing Hong Kong’s healthcare system through timely and equitable access to innovative and effective medicines, and a better primary care system, as well as building Hong Kong into a world-class biomedical hub in Asia with a clear clinical R&D vision, structural enhancement to champion that vision, as well as better readiness for bringing in precision medicines, etc.

Before Kara closed the session, she gave the audience a brief summary of the new Greater Bay Area initiative in terms of its objectives, major partners and upcoming plans.
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