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The HKAPI Regulatory Working Group recently held a forum for its members to exchange views on regulatory intelligence. Around 60 members attended the event.

One of the forum’s highlights was a presentation by Mr Raccoon Chung, Senior Pharmacist, Drug Office, Department of Health, who introduced the new e-certificate arrangement. Partnering with Regulatory Working Group member Ms Emily Lau, Raccoon also helped clarify submission requirements.

Ms Linda Chan, Lead of the Regulatory Working Group, wrapped up the forum and thanked Raccoon and all attendees for sharing their insights and perspectives.

The Regulatory Intelligence online survey is still ongoing. Besides learning from members the latest practice of regulators that may bring systemic impact on the local regulatory requirements, the Working Group added new questions about NCE/ NDA and CORP applications to understand members’ experience getting approvals.

The Working Group is already planning the next forum, where they will respond to the regulatory intelligence collected from the above-mentioned online survey.

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