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HKAPI Bowling Cup 2017

The HKAPI Bowling Cup 2017 was held on last Friday (3rd November 2017). 22 teams participated to compete for the team championship as well as the individual awards in the men’s and women’s division.
Around 200 members joined the event and cheered for the team. All of them had a great evening with their colleagues and family.
“Just Play. Have Fun. Enjoy the Game.” By Michael Jordan
The Team A of MSD swept all 3 champions – the Team Champion, Men’s Champion and Women’s Champion, breaking the record of the HKAPI Bowling Cup.

The team champion was MSD – Team A, with a high score of 2607, followed by Baxter with 2399, and Sanofi – Team A, with the score of 2304.

In the Men’s division, Mr Jonan Kwong of MSD won the men’s championship; Mr Henry Lau of DCH Augria and Mr Joseph Chou of Sanofi were the 1st Runner up and 2nd Runner up respectively.

And in the women’s division, the champion went to Ms Doris Fung of MSD; followed by Ms Priscilla Chau of the HKAPI Board of Directors (the representative of Sanofi) and Ms Diana Ma of Sanofi respectively.

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