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Regulatory Training Programme Course 1 (Role of RA)

About 100 industry practitioners and pharmacy students joined in the first regulatory training programme jointly organised by the University of Hong Kong and HKAPI.

Starting December, our members, along with pharmacy students and local manufacturers, went into the lecture room of the Department of Pharmacy and Pharmacology to understand the essential knowledge and training of what is required as regulatory professionals in Hong Kong and Macau.
To meet the challenge from the dynamic changing environment, the organisers crafted five core courses with three option courses in the format of lectures and workshops that explore the continuous changes in the regulatory environment, policy changes in healthcare sector and general economics that shape the scope of the regulatory profession.
The first course was held on December 6 when participants learnt about the role of regulatory professionals in pharmaceutical product life cycle, followed by the second lecture on the pharmaceutical regulatory framework and be a compliant licensee in Hong Kong on January 17.

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