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49th AGM - The new approach for more interactions

One of the top priorities for HKAPI this year is to enhance interactions and facilitate more communications among our members and stakeholders.

President Andy Barnett embraced the new approach following our 49th Annual General Meeting on March 20th to build a stronger collaboration in the changing operating environment.

The new initiatives include more webex briefings and network events along with enhanced website that would strengthen our role to achieve the ultimate objective – represent the industry with one voice.
While continuing the usual program of our CEO luncheon, Train-the-trainer sessions and the fun sporting events, Barnett stressed that members should give more feedbacks anytime.

Our different taskforces including Primary Healthcare, Regulatory Affairs, Enlistment and Risk Sharing, Ethics and Compliance, Patient Empowerment, and Oncology Innovation Study Group, will work together to achieve our steady pursue of the holistic approach of the people-centred care.

A new taskforce on Macau is to be set up, where we would strive to engage with Macau DAF to proactive consultation on new regulation and improve the transparency on its healthcare and regulatory system.
Regulatory training and development programme for industry staff would be developed in Macau, as in Hong Kong because we put people development in our first priority.

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