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HKAPI Annual Dinner 2019

Over 250 guests from the academia, healthcare professionals, our trade partners and the government’s medical top policymakers and administrators attended the Hong Kong Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry Annual Dinner 2019.

The joyous annual gathering exemplified collaboration among members of the healthcare community sharing the vision for improving healthcare services in Hong Kong. This year we were delighted to have Professor Sophia Chan, Secretary for Food and Health, as our guest of honour, to celebrate the New Year.
Ms Caroline Johnson, President of HKAPI said the industry is not only a partner in the healthcare community but also a pioneer in medical technology advancement and a driver of growth for the economy.
“Health technology continues to progress rapidly with the advent of precision medicine. As a developed market, Hong Kong needs to embrace the development and to be at the forefront of change. To prepare, we need to ensure the advancement of clinical trials, a pragmatic approach to regulatory approval, a supportive infrastructure and sustainable financing system are all in place.” she said.
Our Guest of Honor, Professor Sophia Chan also shared her insights into the development of Hong Kong into a regional biomedical hub. She thanked the HKAPI for providing constructive advice on the Hong Kong healthcare system, and for providing supporting the government in the implementation of the regulatory requirement, and maintaining the supply of critical drugs and vaccines.
In extending a vote of thanks to all those who helped in making the event a success, Ms Sabrina Chan, Senior Executive Director of the HKAPI, said the Association would continue to help ensure Hong Kong people can access innovative solutions expediently and that Hong Kong can become a regional biomedical centre.
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